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In my latest article for Let’s Be Brief I talk about my time in Costa Rica and why its time to ‘plug in’. 


I’m so excited to head out to Costa Rica tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what adventures my five week volunteer expedition with Raleigh International has in store for me. I won’t have very much access to internet or phone service during my time but you can keep in touch with me by posting a comment to our blog or sending me some snail mail! Look out in the coming days to see what group I’ve been allocated to and what adventure we go on first.


Check out the State Of Independence series I’ve written up for Let’s Be Brief here and here. 


I’ve written my third piece for Let’s Be Brief. I’m having so much fun writing for them in my spare time. Sometimes they send me a story to write and sometimes I suggest something. So far, they haven’t asked me to edit anything I’ve handed it which I find so refreshing. No censoring here. 

Next week will be my last week of my five month internship with LIVESTRONG. While I really struggled at first with my role I have learned so much. While my other internships were more focused on concept generation this internship was exactly what you would expect from a ‘graphic design’ position. I spend most of my days on Adobe CS6, which I loathed in the beginning. Now, I feel really confident with my skills (and don’t have to google search tutorials so often).  

Now, I’m working on my dissertation proposal since I have decided to change my topic. I plan to explore how spending more money on advertising can help the charities and causes we love. Today I emailed, LIVESTRONG CEO, Doug Ulman to see if he would have time for a small interview on the subject. Hopefully he will and I can get a great first hand resource for my dissertation! 


Here is the second piece I’ve written for Let’s Be Brief. It’s been a lot of fun freelance writing for the site. They really care about my opinion and are interested in pieces with an American view point. After writing for Glass magazine (which was basically just re-wording press releases) it has been a really nice experience writing about things that interest and having an unedited voice. 

Meanwhile, I am still interning at LIVESTRONG here in Austin, Texas. Living here has been such a drastic (but fun) change from living in London for the past 4 years. It’s also the first time I’ve ever lived by myself which has been really nice (except after watching a scary film). The work environment here in the U.S. is very different from London. In London, I got very used to having a few pints after work with my superiors. In the U.S., companies are a lot more worried about appearances and what is appropriate. My internship with LIVESTRONG has been a great learning experience, especially on the tech side of things. While learning how to create an in house paper system, update email graphics and set up print specs isn’t very creative it is something I need to know if I am going to be employable after uni. I mostly work on updating existing advertisements and web elements, along with the occasional event invite. None of the work I have done will be good for my portfolio but it has improved my adobe skills significantly.

I’m excited to finish up this May and my required seven months of DPS will be completed! I plan to use the month of May to write/design my DPS essay. In June, I will relax and prepare for my five week expedition to Costa Rica with Raleigh in July! 


I wrote my first article for Let’s Be Brief on my experience at SXSW, along with some photographs I took. I think I’ve caught the writing bug!


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